Retain and engage your tenants

It is far cheaper to retain a good tenant than to acquire a new one. The tenant app is driven by behavioural economics that incentivise specific rental behaviours.

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Treat your tenants like customers

Retention is the new growth! Retaining your tenants by considering them as customers of your product is now possible and simple to do with Flow

Max Retention

There is a direct correlation between engagement and reduced tenant risk


more likely for a tenant to renew their lease when engaged


of tenants are likely to pay rent on time when incentivised

Tenant loyalty

Your tenants get an app

Tenants unlock exclusive deals that makes renting cheaper when completing rental behaviours. The loyalty algorithm is driven by behavioural economics to incentivise specific rental behaviours

Increased customer retention

Attract new customers to your business

Build brand advocates

Drive customer engagement

How your tenants use it

After uploading your tenants to your Flow Profile they can start using the Flow App which incentivises them to do their rental activities with points and rewards

Tenant Retention Calculator

When you lose tenants, you lose income. This calculator shows the cost of not retaining tenants for more than a year – something Flow solves by helping landlords and agents find and retain profiled tenants..

Enter Your Rental Amount

Admin Fee (std)

R 1500

Commission + Average Vacancy

R 0

Annual saving from retaining each tenant: R3300

By not retaining your tenant, your loss on annual rental income could be: