The Pulse of
Your Portfolio

Inform your property business with actionable insights on churn risk, service levels and tenant sentiment.

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How it works

Tenants are empowered, they get a voice to rate their experience with an automated campaign and you get to know your portfolio before...

Choose your channel

Reach your tenants instantly and reliably with SMS, email or App

Choose the action

Drive actions like rent reminders, lease renewal or announce important updates

Add a reward to sweeten the deal.

Incentive action by picking a voucher from the Flow Tenant Shop

Tenant check-in

See it coming

A meaningful survey to your tenants gives you a real-time view of the risk in your portfolio, so you can act fast to retain your business

NPS (Net Promoter Score) - what your customers (tenants) think of your product (rental)

Broken down by metrics that matter - service, safety, neighborhood, etc

Do something about it - Insights driven Campaign creation through Flow